What is yandex partner, how to sign up, earn money from your website with yandex partner

Hello everyone, website owners or anyone who wants to make money with advertising revenues over the internet has something they hear and see, google adsense. I’m one of the site owners who wants to create an income model with Google Adsense. I came across yandex’s ad service, which runs like Google Adsense, while Google was researching where else to buy ads outside of adsense. I was able to sign up and add ads to my site. Let’s look at this process together.

First of all, let’s talk about what a yandex partner is. A Yandex partner is a system that allows users with an app (google play or apple store) or a website to create an revenue model by displaying ads on their site, just like Google Adsense. As a leader who has held this system in google for a long time. To become a competitor to Google adsense, yandex has launched such a service. I wanted to try to see what profits i have with google adsense what they have.

I present it to you by supporting the entire process from membership to advertising with pictures. Let’s get started.

How to sign up for yandex partner?

Go to yandex partner homepage at this address. When you open this page, the language will come in Russian as predefined.

You don’t have to worry. At the bottom of the page you will see the English button. You can turn the page into English by pressing this button. I would like to say that if we have come, unfortunately it is not a system with Turkish language support, but you do not have to worry again, we can do our job with translation :)[adsense_resim][adsense_resim_akilli_kare_amp]

If you download the google translation plugin using the browser you use, you can right-click the site and translate it directly into English.

After turning the site into a form we can understand, let’s press the ‘join’ button.

We encounter a screen so that we can register with the Yandex partner account. Normally, :) russian again. Let’s choose English by pressing the button next to the profile on the right top. Or you can proceed using direct translation, as we did on the previous page. It depends on your preference.

Now that we’ve arranged the language the way we want, let’s move on. First, he asks us which country we’re registered from.

After selecting the country, two options are offered legal ly or individually.

Once the required process is selected, you will be not greeted with a page where contact information is requested.

You need to complete this information correctly and fully. At the bottom of the page is a phrase ‘Digital copy of the residence confirmation document’. Here, he wants you to upload your personal information as a picture to verify that you are a real person. I posted here by recording my driver’s license and a picture of the screen i confirmed with my id number through the residential interrogation site.

After this information, let’s move on to the section requesting our address information.

After you type the address information correctly, let’s continue.

On the next screen, he asks for the account information to pay for advertising revenue.

In this section, you type the cardholder’s name as the account holder. It offers two options as a payment unit, euro and usd. You can choose what you want.

How do I know the code for the bank with my account? For this, I found a site designed to find the addresses of the bank branches. You can find out the swift code of the bank with your account through this site. If you don’t trust this site, you can find it yourself through the relevant bank’s website by searching through google.

After you enter the required swift code, enter your IBAN or Account number and enter the name of the bank with your account at the bottom.

Once you’ve defined billing information, there’ll be a section asking you to enter the website or name of your app where the ads will run

After making the necessary additions, there is one last part left for approval.

In this section, we cannot complete the registration without marking the terms of offer. It’s up to you to mark other options.

After completing all fields, the situation appears on the right side. If you haven’t made any mistakes, it will look like this.

If there are any problems, it will not appear on the right side in an approved manner. Once we’ve fixed the wrong part, we complete the recording.

After the registration process is complete, the yandex partner homepage welcomes us.

On this screen you will see fees and a few informational letters. If you want, you can translate the page into Turkish and see what it says.

Until this point, we have completed the registration process to the Yandex partner system. But yandex has not yet accepted our membership. When membership is accepted, you will see a warning under the ‘notifications’ menu on the left. If there are no problems, the membership process will be accepted.

As I wrote during the registration process, I sent the driver’s license and address code for approval, and after a while I received a notification that it had been approved in the notifications section. If you do not encounter any errors, you will find that your membership has been accepted with such a notification.

How to create yandex partner advertising ?

We’ve finished the membership process to this point. In the next section, we will create an ad area and add the code we receive to our site. Let’s get started.

I assume you use the page in English. There are the Left-sideproducts. Clicking this field will open a window on the right side. Here we will define our site first.

  • 1 — We select the part where the necessary actions are taken to create ads from the Products section.
  • 2- Content sites first we need to register the website or app we want to add content to
  • 3- We record the platform where we want to add ads by pressing the Add platform button.

As a website when I was registering on the site and because I wrote my own domain address, this came to me automatically here. You can use the same address here if you want, or you can add a new address by clicking on the pop-up menu. The goal here is to create a title and collect ads under this title. For example, this blog has a lot of articles under the ‘general’ category. This ‘general’ category corresponds to this area on yandex partner.

Once we’ve done the necessary process, let’s start creating ads under this heading.

You will see a link called ‘RTB blocks’ under the Content sites link. Let’s click on this and keep going.

  • 1 — We will create ad blocks under the site we create in this field. Clicking on this link will open an area on the right
  • 2- On this page opened, we will press the ‘add RTB block’ button to set the ad view I want.

We’re going to open a window. In this field, we will write the name we just wrote in the content sites section as the platform name. Then he wants us to name a name for this block. It would make the most sense to set a name based on where we’re going to position the ad in this area. For example, ‘content’ for use in the content of the article. To use footer at the bottom of the page (footer), such as ‘page six’.

At one point, page information is told to third parties, i.e. how to share with advertisers. I haven’t made any changes here. You can change it according to yourself if you want.

Let’s continue with the ‘next’ button after we’re done in this area

We indicate where the ad block we create in this section will be shown for. Ad sizes vary depending on the selected fields.

  • 1 — Used for desktop view.
  • 2- Used for mobile devices.
  • 3 — Used for pages specially crafted for mobile devices
  • 4- Used for pages specially crafted for desktop view.
  • 5- Used for AMP(Accelerated mobile pages).

Let’s make the necessary choice and continue with the ‘next’ button according to what we need.

On the next page, we’ll see a screen where we can edit the ad template. In this field, we can customize the advertisement that we will publish according to the theme of our website. For example, if your website is blue tones, the ads to be posted on this site in a yellow color will not look very pleasant to users who visit your site.

Let’s continue after making the necessary arrangements.

On the next page, we encounter a screen where we can adjust the size of the ad block. We need to make a choice based on where we’re going to share the ad on this screen. So we can use the ad in full place and in full size.

After you complete this field, a final setting page remains.

There are options in this area where we can determine your advertising strategy. Choosing maximum revenue and choosing to do everything automatically can be a logical solution. You can make changes as you want in the future.

In this area, after making the necessary arrangements, our ad block is formed. Then, i’m going to have

We can copy the code for this created ad block and use it anywhere on our website. Just press the Get the code button at the bottom of the page.

If this ad block creation section sounds mixed to you, you can use the simpler and easier event part by pressing the ‘Turn on simplified mode’ button on the right side of the ad block creation screen.

Avoiding confusion by offering fewer options in simple mode:)

You can do filitreing through these ad blocks that we create. To do this, the page that opens by pressing the ‘edit’ button after the ad block is formed can block or run ads in certain categories on your site if you don’t want visitors from geographic countries to see these ads you can prevent it.

Here’s how the ad code we’re getting will appear on our site:

We became members of the Yandex dating system, created advertising, started to publish on our site. Where do we see how much revenue we earn?

When we go to the Yandex dating home page for this, it’s going to tell us how much we make. Like:

I made 0.24 rubles until I started running the ads, when I wrote this article. Yes, it’s not much money because it’s just starting to run, and that figure will increase over time. It will generate an additional income

We’re at the end of the summer. I hope you can create content and provide yourself with an additional revenue model. Hope it’s useful

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