What is yandex partner, how to sign up, earn money from your website with yandex partner

How to sign up for yandex partner?

Meanwhile, English comes across every aspect of our lives. I share the resources i've found to improve my Knowledge of English and the methods I use in my blog. You can check all over all of them at this address if you want.
If you haven't opened a yandex account before, or if you have a yandex account you're using, they'll want you to log in first.  If you do not have a yandex account, you can create a yandex account from this address. If you have a yandex account, you can continue by logging in.
Let's clarify the individual and legal personality. The intent of the individual personality is the registration made on behalf of a person. So if you are a real person, you have to proceed with your own information if you mark it as individual here. The legal entity is the person who is a defender of many people or an asset in terms of law. Registration is made for the place defended, not for a single person in the legal entity
She wants something called SWIFT, what is this swift?  Swift was founded in 1973 and began working in 1977, a code of 8 or 11 digits that specifically specifies each bank.  Swift codes are standard in the entire world banking system. Used for international money shipping. When we want to receive payments in this system, yandex company will send money to a bank account in Turkey, but it will not be enough to write only the name of this bank. We also need to write down an international bank code, the swift code.

How to create yandex partner advertising ?

  • 1 — We select the part where the necessary actions are taken to create ads from the Products section.
  • 2- Content sites first we need to register the website or app we want to add content to
  • 3- We record the platform where we want to add ads by pressing the Add platform button.
  • 1 — We will create ad blocks under the site we create in this field. Clicking on this link will open an area on the right
  • 2- On this page opened, we will press the ‘add RTB block’ button to set the ad view I want.
  • 1 — Used for desktop view.
  • 2- Used for mobile devices.
  • 3 — Used for pages specially crafted for mobile devices
  • 4- Used for pages specially crafted for desktop view.
  • 5- Used for AMP(Accelerated mobile pages).




i use translate :) you can follow me and visit my website www.kenanyaman.com

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i use translate :) you can follow me and visit my website www.kenanyaman.com

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