What is the api? What is it used for?

We need an interface for users to use applications, namely user interface, but there is no need for such an interface for applications to communicate among themselves. That is, apis is used for applications to communicate between themselves (Application programming interface) application programming interface. Let’s take a closer look at what this api called meret is.

An app, service or platform ( youtube, twitter, facebook, google, android …. ) is the use of the capabilities in an application that is different from the outside to the extent permitted. Let’s open some more.

We can use the functions and functions of different applications to make the applications we write even more functional. For example, you can tweet automatically via Twitter when an event occurs. Or if you have a channel on Youtube, you can automatically upload videos for this channel, read incoming comments, see how much your videos are watched.

The purpose of api usage is to process incoming data by opening the application’s features out and responding to incoming data requests. Requests to the apie generate a certain output by processing them. These outputs may have various outputs, such as JSON, XML, in accordance with the request. We use these outputs according to our own wishes.

But what can we do with this api?

Imagine having a website, using the weather api, you can show visitors the weather in the area where users visiting your website are located. Let’s give you another example through the website. If you’re using google anayltics for visitor analysis of your site, you can view information about your site’s visitors to the admin panel here with google analytics apisi. In other words, you can take advantage of the features of the application to the extent that you are allowed without the need for it.

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