What is a host? how to get the hosting service ?

In my previous article, i’m going to have to I told you that every item in the virtual environment was a real or even equivalent. I tried to explain it with this description for the domain name subject. Now I’m going to try to explain something similar with this description. Let’s see what’s called hosting. Let’s get started.

Domain, i.e. domain name, is another essential concept hosting, i.e. where web files are hosted.

Why are these two concepts such an important and inseparable duo? Because you want to create a website, you first need a name. This is called domain. You can find my article on this here. To publish a site through this domain after receiving a domain name you want, you need a computer that will host your website’s files 24/7, accessible from anywhere in the world, and fast internet connectivity.

What’s a host?

Let’s explain it with a real-life example. You need to build a house to live and shelter somewhere. To be able to build this house, you must first buy a plot, you can start building a house after you buy this land. In order to own a site on the Internet, you must have a computer that first runs 24/7, has a high-speed internet infrastructure, which includes programs specifically written for this job. This computer will be your search on the internet. After you rent this computer, you can send everything you want to publish into it.

This is called a host computer on computers that can work 24/7, containing all the content you send. Through the companies doing this job, you rent a certain area through a computer, and this rental area is constantly working to accommodate any content you want.

Once you’ve learned this information, you might think something like this, can’t I turn the computer I use in my house into a host computer to publish my website?

Answer: No.

Because these computers are built on working seamlessly with special equipment. And thanks to the special software on it, they provide this service.

Classic computers you use in your home are not designed to work continuously. The computers used for the host are hosted by continuous maintenance in places called datacenter, where there is a high-speed internet infrastructure.

What can be done with the host?

A lot can be done. The overall purpose of use is to publish a website. You can host the files required for the web site. In addition, as I said in my article for domain, you can set up a custom e-mail server after connecting a domain name with the host you received. This allows you to have an e-mail address with your own name.

You can also use your files as a store where you can store them.

In short, you can also do the file transactions you make on your own computer with the host you rented.

How many hostesses are there?

A computer called Host has an operating system on it, just like on personal computers. These host computers are working with operating systems specifically designed for this business.

There are two types of operating systems for this job. The first is windows server, the second is linux server.

The two operating systems have their own pros and cons. You must select one of two operating systems based on the purpose of using the processing you want to do.

Get the host with windows server operating system ?

Windows operating systems are built with a commercially purposestructure in a closed ecosystem. There are software designed to work on the Windows operating system. If you want to create content with these software, you should hire a host with a windows server operating system that will run these software.

What is these softwares, asp.net, mssql, net core. In short, if you want to create content with a technology that windows has developed itself, you should hire a host bigisayar using the windows server operating system.

This will work more stable and more efficiently. You can also use this system with software written for Linux server, but it does not work stablely and can cause problems. That’s why you need to choose a system based on the technology you’re going to use.

Linux server has an operating system to get the host ?

Most websites located around the world are hosted on linux server. The biggest reason for this is that the open source code is written and shared with the structure. So if you want to use such a service, you do not have to pay any license fees. So a lot of websites are built on linux infrastructure.

Another reason is that wordpress, the most widely used content management system worldwide, is open source and can be used at no cost. Wordpresssin written with Php is more convenient to work on linux.

Open source software works more stable on the computer installed on linux server, which is on computers with windows server operating system. The best example of this is php. If you are developing php-based software it would be in your best interest to use linux.

Host services required for special needs

If you have a site that receives a lot of visitors or want to host the web services of a large company, computers that provide a standard host service won’t do your job.

Custom packages are prepared for this job that require more hardware (ram, ssd, continuous backup) more e-mail quotas. You can host your site files on the web or do anything you want by selecting a package that suits you.

How do I get the Hosting service?

After a brief google search, you’ll find that there are a lot of companies doing this. The main thing you need to determine before you get this service is what do you get for? What will you take? How much space does it take for your work? After you answer these questions, you can rent a hosting and start working with a company you trust.

How to manage a host?

You’ve identified your needs, you’ve found a reliable company, you’ve purchased a host service. How are you going to manage the host computer you bought in the next part?

Host computers, as I said before, are not a computer where a standard user can make visual edits using a mouse and keyboard. You can use only a specific area on one computer and the part that is allocated according to the package you receive from the hardware on this computer. This is allocated a panel to manage the part allocated to you. You can manage the host computer through this panel.

What can be done?

Through the Host management panel, you can open an FTP account, add and delete a database, manage DNS, access files on the host computer, create new e-mail addresses, and check existing email addresses. These are only what I can write for standard use. Apart from these, it can be done in many fine-tuning.

There are two most used management panels.

cPanel: It is a management panel that only works on linux systems and has Turkish language support. You can find more detailed information by visiting the website here.

Plesk: Parallels is a control panel that can work on both Windows and Linux operating systems. You can find more detailed information by visiting the website here.

You must pay a usage fee within these two panels, but when you receive a hosting service, these panels automatically come to the board and the company where you receive the host’s service pays for you. It reflects this fee to you at package prices.

We have reached the end of my article about hosting, which is one of the basic structures for websites. You are wondering about the domain name, name, domain, you can reach this address.

In the next article, we will see how to set up wordpress after receiving the domain name and hosting service. Hope to see you in the next article

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