How to send location via smartphone?

In ancient times, maps were either used to find an address, or people living in that area had an address to ask. So ask what they said, baghdad is :) But nowadays, we don’t need anything like this anymore, although there are still problems in some streets and neighborhoods, but we can often find anywhere we want with a few taps over the phone. So for a place we can’t find, how do we get the location of the location of the place where it’s from our friend or from a different person? Let’s look at this together.

Let’s bring it to an imagining point through a script. Your combination has failed and your location doesn’t appear on maps (google maps, yandex, apple maps). In such a case, the first method may be to describe the path, but it would be a difficult choice because the incoming team didn’t know the way. The second method is to send locations via Whatsapp. Another method is to send through map applications.

Your phone's location (GPS) must be active to send locations and to work with these features.

To send locations from a phone with adroid operating system with Whatsapp, open a conversation with the person you want to send location to. Click the clip icon next to the camera icon at the bottom of the sat. On the pop-up screen, click the location icon. We will have three options: Share the current location, send the current location, and below it will show places close to us. If we say send the current location, our live location will appear on the map. So instantly, no matter where we go, the person we send the location will be able to follow us live. If we say send the current location, it will send us the current location. At the bottom of this article, the margin of error is also written. If you wait a while, the GPS will drop this margin of error depending on the situation. When we send with the lowest margin of error, the other side can find us with a more accurate result.

Whatsapp has shared content with it on its help page. They showed not only the location, but the document, person or media submission. You can check at this address.

Let’s do the same for the iphone. Start a conversation with the user I want to share the location. Click the “+” icon on the left and select location on the page that opens. Just like devices with android operating systems, there will be three options on devices with iphone operating system. You can send your location to send the current location.

This way you’re posting location via Whatsapp for Android and iphon. So how do we do if we want to send our location for a different application? Or if we want to send the location of a different address, not the location we’re in, how are we going to do it? To do this, we can use one of the map apps on our phone.

For Google maps, when we hold down a point we’ve chosen for a while, a small page of information about that region will appear at the bottom. At the bottom of this page, you’ll see four buttons in directions, start, save, and share, press the share button and share the location with the application you want.

The method for Yandex is the same. Hold down your finger for a while on the point you want to share. You will encounter a window with information. Here you can share that point with any application when you press the Share button.

The method to be applied in such map applications is more or less the same. That’s why I’m not adding all map apps.

Speaking of location, I’d like to tell you about a situation that’s often confused. GPS and GPRS are frequently mixed. I’ve heard about it from a lot of people. These are two different technologies.

GPS (Global Positioning System; The Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system that provides ground and time information with four or more satellites on all weather conditions on Earth.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a technology that transmits data through the 2g network. This technology was used to access the Internet on older phones. As technology evolves, systems that enable higher data transmission have been switched.

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